hd_religion.jpg Religion is filled with descriptions involving threes. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost are the trinity that make up God in the Christian Faith. Peter did forsake Jesus three times. After three days Chris rose from the dead. To the right is Christ at age 33.
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1 Smoke Signals: Electing a New Pope
2 The Three Advents
3 Tanakh
4 Patriarchs
5 Bible search for third
6 Bible search for three
7 building blocks
8 Number in Scripture
9 Noah's three sons Shem, Ham, Japheth
10 Fallen Angels
11 How many miracles does it take to become a saint?
12 Saint Nicholas
13 The Triple Goddess
14 Trimurti
15 Trinity
16 The Magic Square of the Sun
17 The Number of the Beast of Babylon 666
18 Celtic trinity knot
19 atonment
20 Three Temptations of Christ
21 Angels Visit Abraham (1714 BCE)
22 Buddha's Footprint
23 Star of David
27 Christians Worship Three gods and, Therefore, Christianity is Paganish
28 Tibetan creator goddesses
29 Why Wicca is Not Celtic Paganism
30 The God Gene
31 The Rhythm of the Number Three
32 Stoning of the Devil
33 Three Holy sites of Islam
34 Tripartied
35 The World Prayer Center
36 Christ
37 The Number of the Beast - 666
38 The Burial Service
39 Noah's Arc
40 Unification Church Tradition - Instructions for the 3-Day Ceremony
41 Three Chapters (The)
42 Threes in Swedenborg
43 Islamic Server of MSA-USC
44 Blessing
45 The Buddha
46 Bible threes
47 threefoil sign
48 Trinity symbol
49 Three Foil Cross
50 Three Baskets
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Kenneth Scott Latourette
Kenneth Scott Latourette
In the twentieth century . . . a third of the world’s people were now Christians, and two thirds lived in the Third World.

3's flash

Memory itself works on the concept of threes. The first time you observe something it's unique. The second time observe the same thing it becomes understood like a pattern. The third time observe the same thing you have a pattern to reference and it becomes known.

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