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toi-toi-toi: (an old European custom translated into words to wish you good luck). Saying toi (pronounce: toy) THREE times is derived from the custom of spitting three times over someone's shoulder for good luck. I guess it is easier to say toi-toi-toi than to actually spit. 


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Patrick Henry (1736-99)
Patrick Henry (1736-99)
Caesar had his Brutus; Charles the First, his Cromwell; and George the Third - ("treason!" Cried the Speaker) - may profit by their example.  If this be treason, make the most of it.

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If you have a broadband connection and are using the web browser Internet Explorer, you can view a sabbatical presentation by the author of The Book of Threes. He suggests threes exist simultaneously as simplification, completion and memory. Read more at

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